Our devoted staff includes a number of professionals who possess backgrounds in mining consulting, aviation, GIS/geospatial analysis, natural resource management, business, ecology, state and federal regulations, forestry, botany, wetland science, hydrology, and cultural resources/archaeology. Our client base includes only private sector entities distributed across several states and in different physiographic and geographic regions.

We understand the complicated and delicate situations which may arise when working with construction, mining, and natural resources, and we seek to simplify and streamline projects utilizing drones and uav’s  to meet our client’s goals, and resolve challenges with efficient, dynamic and pragmatic solutions. EvoImagery can manage, coordinate, or monitor all stages of a project through completion or offer individual services tailored to meet unique requirements. With an innovative approach, foresight into tomorrow’s challenges, a passion for our job, and a strong commitment to high quality service, we strive to achieve success and provide our clients with timely and cost-effective solutions.