EvoImagery, LLC is a commercial drone business based in Lexington, Kentucky ,and operating nationwide, whose members combine extensive environmental and consulting backgrounds with the latest UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology. Operating under FAA Exemptions and waivers, we use available UAS technology, photogrammetry and mapping for 1) real-time documentation and inspection; including thermal imaging with radiometric FLIR sensors 2) imagery for volumetric or elevation calculations and 3) addressing environmental and biological concerns. By utilizing this technology and products, our clients are constantly improving the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of their tasks, providing a competitive edge within their industries.  At EvoImagery we utilize drones to collect data to develop high resolution custom maps, 3 Dimensional (3D) point clouds and models, videos, and images, and extrapolate valuable information for our clients. These images represent features in real-time; a vital asset for industries that face changing environments or need exceptionally accurate data. Through applications of GIS systems and software our services provide sensible solutions to numerous industries.

Photo and video utilized to assist in conducting Indiana bat habitat assessments in Eastern Kentucky.