Our UAVs fly at low altitudes to obtain imagery and data to produce exceptionally accurate results for our clients. 3D models of your site are provided with every project. Photogrammetry uses photographic images to process, interpret and assess information. With this data, we are able to develop extremely detailed, customized maps and extrapolate valuable information for our clients. These “3D virtual environments” represent the topography and features at that moment in time; a valuable asset for industries that face changing environments or need extremely accurate data. Maps and information developed by EvoImagery are useful for a variety of industries and projects: mining, agriculture, construction, developers, quarries, real estate, etc. Our method of utilizing photogrammetry is both time and cost efficient, providing even further value to our client.

Typical projects include:

  • Coal Mining
  • Quarries
  • Agriculture
  • Archaeological Services
  • Oil and Gas Activities
  • Legal Exhibits
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Stream and Wetland Mitigation Monitoring
  • Endangered Species Habitat Assessments
  • Construction Monitoring

Aggregate and Coal Mining Services

  • Volumetric Services (stockpile, over-burden, yardage placement, etc.)
  • Monthly Cost Analysis
  • Valuation Services
  • Active and As Mined Maps
  • Profile and Cross Sections
  • Construction Planning

Other Applications

  • Aerial Photographs – Real Estate
  • Forestry Management
  • Monitoring of Ocean Life
  • Mapping of Shoreline Erosion
  • Aerial Photography for Animal Census
  • Forestry Research and Monitoring
  • Coastal Inspection
  • Plant Species Recognition
  • Power line inspections
  • Project Monitoring
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Intercoastal Waterway Aerial Photography
  • Mapping Applications for Construction
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Agriculture – Harvest Growth Monitoring
  • Agriculture – Plant Growth
  • Environmental Surveillance
  • Forestry – Tree Growth and Identification
  • Historical Building Documentation for Cultural Historic Assessments